The following is a typical process we’ll use to get a proposal project going:

  1. Bring us a proposal or select one from our list. Our clients’ proposals are treated with full confidentiality. Please take a look at our privacy policy.
  2. Contact us to discuss the project and determine what you need. We’ll ask you what you can provide to make the process go faster and easier.
  3. We’ll provide a firm quote and schedule.
  4. Chose a format. We’ll provide you options for graphics, type, and special formatting.
  5. We’ll provide checklists of our scope as well as what we will need from you.
  6. We’ll contact you right away if we have any questions. Often we can improve your proposal’s responsiveness by asking key questions of your staff and consultants.
  7. Standard turn-around time is three days.
  8. Finished! Your finished proposal is delivered to you by email or dropbox in Microsoft Word (.doc) format, ready to print, bind, sign and deliver. Or you may want to modify it if you think of a way to improve it. Or ask us, and we can deliver it directly from our offices.

Additional Services: You may wish to ask us to fill in additional proposal preparation roles in support of your team.  We offer site visits, Pre-proposal meeting attendance, site photography, interview assistance, PowerPoint presentations and display board design.  Please ask for a quote.

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