AEPROPOSALWRITER.COM is a small team focused on preparing winning proposals, qualifications and collateral materials for professional design firms – architects, engineers, landscape architects and specialty consultants. We are not employed or affiliated with any agency, and we don’t have a special direct connection with any contracting agency or company. We don’t sell any leads – all RFPs and RFQs listed are open to any qualified consultant.

℗ roposals or quals packages will be created in Microsoft Word .doc or Adobe .pdf format, complete except for printing, binding, signature and delivery. Fees vary depending on the difficulty or time available. After we chat with you by phone or email, we’ll give you a firm quote and confirm our scope with a checklist of tasks, as well as a checklist of what we need from you. If we have everything we need, we can be completed in three days.

Your materials, systems, and information are proprietary and confidential. We will never share these things with other firms.

Only one client per proposal – there is never any conflict between two clients on the same project.

Leave us a comment, or send us an email via the contact form. Our comments section is fully moderated, and we will never post confidential information. No such information will be provided to others for mailing lists or other purposes.

Please ask us for a copy of an RFP, RFQ or other information – you are under no obligation.

Who are we?

A proposal writer with 35 years of experience in preparing marketing materials for architects and engineers. Successful projects resulting from his proposals have included university and K-12 schools, child care, housing, research laboratories, jails, prisons, community centers, medical facilities, fire stations, vehicle maintenance facilities, and parks as well us those unusual, unclassifiable and challenging projects that you bump into once in a while.

A graphic and web designer with 15 years of experience in providing creative solutions to online needs. She is also a greeting card designer, a Chinese-English-Chinese translator, and has created two successful businesses.

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